Commercial Court recommends mediation to resolve Iveagh Market dispute

Tuesday, February 2
Ciarán Mather

The Commercial Court has revealed that a dispute involving the owner of the Iveagh Market and Arthur Edward-Rory Guinness may be resolved through the process of mediation.

Hotelier Martin Keane, who has owned the vacant Iveagh Market since 1997, last month accused Mr. Guinness, who resides in England, of trespassing on the property and unlawful interference with business relations and conspiracy.

Mr. Keane also wishes to seek an order to lawfully possess the Market and its associated areas.

Mr. Guinness' ancestor, Edward Cecil Guinness, also known as the First Earl of Iveagh, built the Iveagh Market in the Liberties area of Dublin over 100 years ago.

It is for this reason that Mr. Guinness believes that he has an ancestral claim to the Iveagh Market, which was first set up as a trading hub in 1906 and remained as one until the 1990s.

The news follows just two weeks after Judge David Barniville said that he 'strongly encouraged' the two parties to end their dispute through mediation.

Additionally, Mr. Guinness claimed last month that he would refurbish the Market and install an 'inclusive' amenity, including a home for himself.

A spokesman for the Iveagh Trust said last year that they intended for the site to be developed 'in a manner conforming with the wishes of the First Earl.'

Martin Keane is also engaged in another legal battle against Dublin City where he is seeking an order for specific performance by the council for a 1997 agreement for the sale of the property to him and his companies.