Free Now to add e-scooter option on app in Ireland

Wednesday, March 10

By Ciarán Mather

Taxi app Free Now has announced that it will add an e-scooter option on its Irish app as part of a new initiative.

The decision has been made following a deal with the German transport company Tier, and the new venture will see e-scooters being deployed in eight German cities next month.

This will be followed by France and then a wider European rollout.

Anyone who wishes to book a Tier e-scooter through the Free Now app (formerly known as mytaxi) will receive the benefit of safety features.

These include: an integrated helmet, indicator lights, shock absorbers and the largest front wheel in the market to better handle varied terrain.

Niall Carson, Free Now’s general manager for Ireland, said in a statement: ' In the Irish market, we welcome this announcement and are working closely with Tier and other leading micro-mobility providers to offer passengers a broader range of transport options in the future.'

He added: 'Already in other markets such as Germany and soon in France, we have a mix of taxis, e-scooters, e-bikes, e-mopeds and car sharing on the Free Now app, offering a more integrated approach and we look forward to expanding this further in Ireland.' 

The latest development from Free Now comes at a very opportune time, after the Government recently announced that it will legalise e-scooters on roads.

Legislation expected to be passed in the coming months, followed by city tenders.

In 2009, mytaxi was created by German entrepreneurs Niclaus Mewes and Sven Külper, but was later rebranded as Free Now in 2019.

The app is available for use in over 100 countries and currently employs over 700 people.

Free Now is a joint-venture between BMW and Daimler Mobility.