Ronan Keating issues plea to Boris Johnson over visas for touring musicians

Monday, January 18
Ciarán Mather

The UK government recently found itself under scrutiny and criticism for its recent decision to reject an offer to allow musicians to tour Europe without needing a visa.

Among these critics is former-Boyzone singer Ronan Keating, who has called the decision 'unbelievable and unforgivable.'

It seems that it's not only words for the 43-year-old singer, who took to his Twitter account to say: 'Ok Boris Johnson I think it’s time we had a chat. I can’t come to yours nor can you come to mine.'

'But can we meet in a park socially distant and discuss how this government is affecting UK musicians and the arts.'

The singer also shared a video showing Johnson avoiding a question on whether or not he had rejected a proposal for visa-free tours by musicians.

He added in a follow-up tweet: 'All we are asking Boris Johnson and this current government is to reconsider its actions.' 

'The live industry is worth 3 billion pound(s) to this economy. It works both ways. If we stop touring in Europe the same will happen here.'

Several fans in the comments defended the Life is a Rollercoaster singer for his outspoken view:

Then, when one Twitter user claimed that he was 'uncertain whether the PM will engage with an Irish national,' Keating replied: 'Peter this is regarding the industry in a country I have been lucky enough to call home for 20 years and the country that allowed an Irish band start a career.' 

'Something I fear may never happen again due to recent government decisions,' he added.

It seems that Mr. Keating is using the old Irish schoolboy tactic of taking things to a park to settle a dispute!