Bookies reveal their favourites on who is Line of Duty's H

Sunday, May 2

It’s the television event the entire nation is talking about. This Sunday, we will apparently finally discover the identity of Line of Duty's H.

All series, part-time sleuths have been sharing their opinions and theories about who the mysterious Fourth Man is.

Will it prove to be the universally disliked DCS Patricia Carmichael? Is it Chief Constable Philip Osborne?

Surely Superintendent Ted Hastings isn't the most bent of all coppers, is he? Has it been Kate all along, or is it Steve and his snazzy waistcoats? 

To be honest, none of us have got a clue, have we? The bookies though, have now chipped in with their odds.

Betfair spokesman Sam Rosbottom, said: "Line of Duty fans have been obsessed with finding out who H is for years - and mother of god, it is the show's current big baddie Patricia Carmichael who is leading the way in the betting at 2/1, closely followed by Chief Constable Philip Osborne at 4/1.

"While question marks on Ted Hastings for a number of series has him in third favourite at 8/1, we haven't ruled out the ultimate twist of Kate Fleming in fact being part of the OCG all along."

Here are the bookies' odds on who the mysterious H might be.

Patricia Carmichael: 2/1
Philip Osborne: 4/1
Ted Hastings: 8/1
Marcus Thurwell: 11/1
Jo Davidson: 14/1
Andrea Wise: 14/1
Ian Buckells: 16/1
Kate Fleming: 20/1
Steve Arnott: 33/1
None of the above/unknown person: 4/1

One thing is for sure, you do not want to be anywhere other than in front of your telly at 9pm on Sunday night, when all will hopefully be revealed.