These Are My Twisted Words: Radiohead school band demo tape to be auctioned

Tuesday, January 19
Ciarán Mather

The musical efforts of a budding teenage band that would go on to become one of the most influential and experimental UK bands ever will go up for auction soon.

Previously known as On A Friday, the members of Radiohead met at Abingdon School in Oxfordshire.

The seller, who wishes to remain anonymous, knew the band in the early 1990s and was given the tape by a member of the group.

Six raw recordings are included on the tape, including songs titled 'These Chains', 'Boy in a Box' and 'Promise Me.'

It also includes handwritten notes, as well as a label design, by Thom Yorke.

According to PA, auctioneer Paul Fairweather estimates said: 'The tracks are raw but certainly suggest something of the fantastic potential that the band would realise in a few years’ time.'

The news comes after Jonny Greenwood also shared a letter to Radiohead fans last month teasing that the band will be back in the studio recording new music.

Radiohead have been around since 1985, but didn't break onto the scene until the release of their song 'Creep' in 1992.

They achieved international acclaim with their album OK Computer in 1997.

The demo tape's estimated value is around £2,000 (€2,246.80) and will be part of the online Punk and Indie Auction due to take place on January 26 at Omega Auctions.