Justin Bieber no longer uses a smartphone for mental health reasons

Monday, March 15


By Ciarán Mather

Pop star Justin Bieber has revealed that he feels much better after deciding to live his life without a smartphone.

While promoting his latest album, Justice, the Let Me Love You singer spoke to Billboard, saying that he decided to give up using a smartphone as it was having a negative effect on his mental health.

Now, if his management team wishes to contact him, the 27-year-old says they can do so by leaving emails on his iPad and he will address them early in the morning.

He explained: 'I definitely learned how to have boundaries, and I just don't feel like I owe anybody anything.' 

'That has helped me to be able to just say no and just be firm in it and know that my heart [wants] to help people, but I can't do everything. I want to sometimes, but it's just not sustainable.'

Bieber also admitted he was in a very dark place a few years ago, and added that he felt 'empty' despite his success. 

He elaborated: 'All my relationships were suffering, but I had all this success and all of this money… and [yet] it just wasn't fulfilling for me.'

He also admitted to going off the rails, referring to his DUI arrest in 2014, and revealed that he cancelled 14 tour dates in 2017 because he suffered a mental health crisis.

Bieber is set to further delve into his mental health struggles on his upcoming YouTube channel documentary series New Chapter, where he admitted that he felt 'really, really suicidal' during his darkest times.

Fortunately, the singer feels that he is holding up much better now, saying: 'I can talk about that part of my life and not feel like, "Oh, man. I was such a bad person," because I`m not that person anymore. I also have done the [self-improvement] work to know why I was making those decisions.'

'I know where that pain was coming from, that caused me to act the way I was acting… at this point, I've reached a level of success so many times that I know success isn't a be-all, end-all to my happiness.'

Bieber's candid discussion follows a similar account from radio host Roman Kemp, who similarly admitted he too struggled with depression and considered dying by suicide last week.

Kemp is set to debut his documentary on suicide and male mental ill health, Our Silent Emergency, on BBC One and BBC Three this Tuesday at 9pm.

It just goes to show that money truly cannot buy happiness.

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