Martin Compston reacts to "spot on" Line Of Duty fan theories

Saturday, March 20

Not long to wait now for fans of Line Of Duty! The new series starts this weekend. 

It seems like eagle-eyed fans might as well be detectives themselves, as star of the show Martin Compston admits that some of the theories fans have come up with about the show are "spot on".

He also called the fan theories "a joy".

"One of the great joys of the job is all these theories that fans come up with, and a lot of the time they're absolutely spot on…

The popularity of the show has some downsides though.  Martin explained it can be hard to keep secrets under wraps while filming. 

"It's great that we have such a following, but there's a bit of a circus that follows us now when we film," he admitted. "And that's quite tough just if you're doing a sort of emotional scene and there's five or six paparazzi in your eye line snapping, snapping, snapping and all you hear is clicking going on.

"I think you're very aware of... [Are] there spoilers? Because there are scenes we have to film outside and you just don't want to give anything away."

He appeared on The Chris Evan's Breakfast Show with Sky earlier this week and talked about the anticipation for the series, and also revealed which is his favourite season so far. 

Line of Duty begins on BBC One on Sunday 21 March at 9.00pm.