Employees to be given right to request remote working

Friday, January 15

The Government is to introduce new laws to give employees the right to request remote working and sets a target of 20% for public sector workers.as part of a National Remote Working Strategy.

"Making Remote Work" Strategy sets out plans to strengthen the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees and to provide the infrastructure to work remotely. 

Employees will not automatically be entitled to remote working but employers will be required to give a “reasoned” response as to why that cannot happen. 

A code of practice on the “right to disconnect” will be introduced to prevent an excess of phone calls or emails outside the employee's standard working hours.

The strategy also commits to "significant investment" in remote work hubs, ensuring they are located suitably for commuters and close to childcare facilities.

The Tax Strategy Group is to review the treatment of remote working for tax and expenditure purposes before the next budget. 

The Government say they are also exploring the acceleration of the roll out of the National Broadband Plan to accommodate the technology which enables remote working.

However, problems with the implementation of a decent broadband service have persisted for many years and it’s not clear how the Government can find a solution to this in the short term.