€150,000 of suspected stolen car parts seized in north Co Dublin

Thursday, April 15

Gardaí attached to the Dublin Metropolitan Region Divisional Crime Task Force seized 300 catalytic converters during a search operation in Co. Dublin.

The car parts were seized by the Garda DMR Divisional Crime Task Force following a search of a business premises in St. Margaret's, Co. Dublin under warrant at 10am yesterday.

They were assisted by personnel from Ballymun Garda station, Fingal County Council and a Customs and Revenue Officer and dog handler.

The search was conducted as part of the ongoing investigation into the theft of catalytic converters throughout the Dublin Metropolitan Region and subsequent regions.

During the course of the search operation, Gardaí seized 300 catalytic convertors weighing a total of 1275kg with an estimated value of €150,000. All items seized are subject to a technical examination.

While Gardaí were conducting the search operation, a vehicle entered the premises which had no tax or insurance and was subsequently seized under Section 41 of the Road Traffic Act.