First baby born with Covid-19 antibodies to vaccinated mother

Written on 03/18/2021

A frontline health care worker in Florida has given birth to a healthy baby girl with Covid-19 antibodies.

The pregnant woman had her first Covid-19 vaccine shot three weeks before giving birth.

Doctors believe this is the first known case of a baby born with coronavirus antibodies in the U.S., which may offer her some protection against the virus. 

Dr. Paul Giblert and Dr. Chad Rudnick presented their findings in a preprint study, meaning it has not yet been peer-reviewed. 

They found that the antibodies were detected at the time of delivery, after analyzing blood from the baby's umbilical cord taken immediately after birth and before placenta delivery. 

The passage of antibodies from mother to baby through the placenta is well documented in other vaccines so doctors were hopeful the same newborn protection would be possible after maternal vaccination against COVID-19. 

Another study at Massachusetts General Hospital recently monitored  131 women who all received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. 

They found equally strong immune responses in the pregnant and lactating women as the control group. 

Antibodies were present in the placenta and breast milk of every sample taken.

Pregnant women were excluded from the original trials of Moderna and Pfizer's COVID-19 shots, a common practice in such studies.

However, Pfizer recently announced that it had begun the first large-scale trial of its vaccine on pregnant women, which it expects to finish by the beginning of 2023. 

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