A real treat: 'Cookie Monster' rock could be sold for up to $10,000

Written on 01/25/2021
Ciarán Mather

A rare rock formation that bears a striking resemblance to everyone's favourite monster with a sweet-tooth is expected to reach $10,000 (€8,230.05) at an auction.

The unusual rock was discovered by a man named Lucas Fassari in the Rio Grande do Sul region in Brazil back in November, but recently went viral when it posted to Facebook.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Mr. Fassari explained that the rock he found actually looked like a grey egg, but when it was split in half, it revealed blue quartz crystals that resemble the lovable Sesame Street character.

He added: 'Prices can be very high. I was proposed over $10,000 by five different buyers.'

Onlookers on Twitter had no hesitation in sharing jokes with each-other online:

One user pointed out some interesting food for thought (no pun intended): 'Think about how long that rock was already existing before Jim Henson was even born. somewhere out there in the world lay dormant a thing that looked like cookie monster probably before the existence of cookies.'

Another replied back: 'Proof that God is Cookie Monster.'

We have no doubt that Mr. Fassari will be laughing his way to the bank soon enough!