See the asteroid worth THOUSANDS of times more than the world's economy

Written on 02/05/2021
Ciarán Mather

Scientists at NASA are currently preparing a mission to further study an asteroid which is estimated to be worth thousands of times more than the world's combined financial wealth.

The asteroid, dubbed 16 Psyche, was first spotted in 1852 and is believed to host vast quantities of gold and platinum.

In fact, its estimated net worth is said to potentially be around $10,000 quadrillion!

According to the BBC, 16 Psyche is located between Mars and Jupiter, and measures 226 kilometres in diameter and is located 37 million kilometres from Earth.

Some scientists also believe that Psyche could be the exposed core of a dead planet which lost its outer layers.

NASA has since revealed that it is in 'Phase D' of its plan to study Psyche, and it will launch a spacecraft to investigate it in August 2022.

The Psyche spacecraft will fly over Mars to propel itself by its gravity in May 2023, and is expected to reach the asteroid by 2026, where it will spend just under two years collecting data for analysis back on Earth.

Speaking on the mission's progress, Project Manager Henry Stone said: 'We are in very good shape. We are on the right track and have a plan to launch.'

Psyche is due to launch in August 2022 from a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket in Florida, where it will also carry two small satellites that will visit two nearby binary asteroids.

The mission is expected to cost a $967 million in total.

Those who wish to keep up to date with the progress of the Psyche mission can do so thanks to a smartphone app released by NASA, which can be viewed here.