Barnardos to hold webinar addressing TV and videogame screen time

Written on 03/11/2021

By Ciarán Mather

There's nothing wrong with watching a good film or TV series, or playing videogames and enjoying yourself. 

However, it is becoming more and more apparent that, especially while in lockdown, people are becoming increasingly reliant on technology and aren't spending enough time socialising, even with the people they share their home with.

It is for this reason that Barnardos has decided to debut a free webinar, titled Plugged In, Switched Off, on digital wellbeing and screen time for parents and childcare professionals later this month.

The webinar is the result of the charity’s online safety programme, which recently found that 68 per cent of Barnardos project workers reported that screen time and addiction to video games as being big lockdown challenges for parents.

Cliodhna Purdue, Barnardos Online Safety Programme training executive, explained: 'Parents have spoken about their struggles with children’s meltdowns when asked to stop playing video games.' 

She elaborated that some parents also feel guilty when their children say ‘put your phone away and play with me.'

Features of the upcoming webinar will include:

  • Overview of child development and screen time from child psychotherapist Joanna Fortune

  • Google and TikTok on tools to help parents manage kids’ screen time

  • Young people giving their take on digital wellbeing.

  • Three concurrently-running workshops, each targeted at different cohort (parents, teachers/professionals, policy-makers)

  • Tips to manage children’s digital wellbeing and screen time

Speaking on her advice for parents, Ms. Purdue said that parents should aim to be strong role models in their digital life. 

She added: 'Children just want your attention. If you’re on your phone a lot, they want what you have – so they want a phone.'

The webinar will take place on March 30th.

Further information about the Plugged In, Switched Off webinar can be found here.