Israel launches vaccine QR code to open up economy

Sunday, February 21
Michael Keogh

Israel have launched a 'Green Badge' for people who have been vaccinated.

The badge comes in the form of a QR code which is downloaded onto a mobile phone.

People without smartphones can print it out instead.

Schools and retail stores are beginning to open up but those with green badges can attend cultural or sporting events and fly abroad.

“The green badge is gradually opening up the country,” Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu said when launching of the new QR badge at the opening of a gym in Tel Aviv.  

In an attempt to encourage younger people to get vaccinated, Israel began an initiative in which free vaccinations were offered for free at a bar in Tel Aviv.

Nearly half of Israel’s 9.3 million people have been inoculated, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday that 95% of adults older than 50 should be vaccinated in the next two weeks.