Nun in Myanmar offers her life in exchange for sparing local children

Wednesday, March 10

By Ciarán Mather

A nun adorned in white robes went down on her knees in front of Myanmar police and begged them to shoot her instead of a group of children.

Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng has gone viral as a result of her selfless gesture, where she can be seen pleading with police to kill her in exchange for them avoiding shooting and torturing local children.

The 45-year-old nun, along with two of her fellow sisters, pleaded with police cracking down on a street protest in the city of Myitkyina to leave them be.

'The police were chasing [them] to arrest them and I was worried for the children,' she explained to AFP.

She then described how, when police opened fire on the crowd, the children panicked and ran to the front.

'I couldn't do anything but I was praying for God to save and help the children,' she added.

It appears that her words struck a chord with some of the soldiers, who also knelt down and began praying.

Sister Ann Rose also said that she saw a man get shot in the head and die in front of her at the protest, and also experienced the painful effects of tear gas.

She has also claimed that she was prepared to die if it meant saving others from the wrath of Myanmar's violent police force.

Online users were deeply touched by her compassion, as well as the harrowing events she and the local children had to experience:

Sister Ann Rose has since said that while she is afraid, she cannot stand and watch [the violence taking place in Myanmar] without doing anything.'

If anything can be taken away from this story, it is that while war and other forms of civil unrest can bring out the worst in some people (such as the executions of nuns by the Soviet Red Army in World War II), it can, likewise, also bring out the best in people.