Ten people killed in Colorado supermarket shooting

Tuesday, March 23

Ten people were killed, including a veteran police officer, during a mass shooting Monday inside a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, authorities said at a late press conference.

The police officer was identified as Eric Talley, 51, who served on the force since 2010. 

He was the first officer at the King Soopers store, the crime scene, after the shooting occurred at about 2:30 p.m.


One man without a shirt on was walked out of the store in handcuffs about an hour after the first call.

It appears his right leg was covered in blood. He was led to an ambulance and taken away to a local hospital. Police say they are the only other person who was injured aside from those who were killed.


Witnesses said they heard pops that sounded similar to fireworks and saw a man brandishing an "AR-15 style weapon" and wearing what looked like tactical gear.


Identities of the other nine victims were not disclosed as police were still notifying their family members.

Newsday and Agencies