Fully vaccinated people to be exempt from hotel quarantine

Friday, April 16

Health Minister Stephen Donnely said that fully vaccinated people arriving from designated states will shortly be exempted from hotel quarantine.

Mr Donnelly said he is conscious people are coming into the state fully vaccinated and that regulations will be put in place for vaccine exemptions.

He said the current legal regulations will need to be amended which should be complete in the coming days.

Meanwhile, mandatory hotel quarantine bookings are to resume after being ‘paused’ due to over capacity.

There are extra hotel rooms being added which will bring capacity to 1,607 by April 26.

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan said that approximately 100 people who arrived in Ireland last week from a high-risk country did not have a mandatory hotel quarantine booking.

This was out of 12,000 arrivals into the State over the same period.

Mr Ryan said that roughly 50 of those passengers were coming from a "transfer country", around 30 were passengers who arrived without a PCR test and approximately 20 had arrived directly from a high-risk country without a booking.