Israel enters day of mourning for 45 victims of deadly crush

Sunday, May 2

Israel entered a national day of mourning on Sunday over the crush at a Jewish pilgrimage site that killed 45 people, including over a dozen children and teenagers.

The disaster in the early hours of Friday is believed to be the worst peacetime tragedy in Israel’s history.

The victims included at least a dozen children and teens, including two sets of brothers, as well as young fathers and rabbis.

They included at least 10 foreign citizens, among them six Americans, a British national, two Canadians and an Argentinian.

More than 100,000 people were attending the annual Lag B’Omer gathering event in the northern Galilee area of Israel.

As the dense crowds began to exit, a narrow, sloping walkway on the exit route became immensely congested, people slipped on the metal floor and others fell on them, precipitating fatal crushing, exacerbated by a reported police barrier at the bottom of the incline.
Source: Newsday/TOI/Euronews

(Noam Moskowitz/Knesset)