Police clash with anti-lockdown protesters in Germany

Saturday, March 20

Protestors take part in a march demanding the compliance of basic rights and an end of the restrictive coronavirus measures in Kassel, central Germany, on March 20.  (Photo by ARMANDO BABANI/AFP via Getty Images)

Several rallies have taken place throughout Germany on Saturday to protest what some people see as unnecessary restrictions imposed to combat the spread of the Covid-19.

 German police said that an estimated 10,000 people attended the country's largest rally in the central city of Kassel.

 Despite numerous violations of Covid-19 restrictions, police allowed the rally to continue.

 However, police had warned that the demonstration will be broken up if participants refuse to obey rules on wearing masks and social distancing.

Footage on Twitter later showed a number of demonstrators facing off with a large contingent of police in riot gear. 

Many protesters were chanting "Wir sind das Volk" ("We are the people"), a slogan taken from the peaceful protests that led to the end of communist East Germany in 1989, according to DW News in Germany.

Some protesters tried to break through a police barrier, and a water cannon had been used to disperse some demonstrators outside the area authorized for the rally, the DW correspondent reported.

In Berlin, only around 500 people were reported to have turned up and were massively outnumbered by a 1,800-strong police contingent, according to the Associated Press.

Newsday and Agencies